compliance-net has been founded by experienced business advisors who focus on providing advice on topics relating to Compliance-, Governance- and Fraud-Management.

The team at compliance-net GmbH consists of experienced consultants, who offer specialised solutions and pragmatic approaches for your projects and challenges. We are not only working with global players but also familiar with the specific requirements of mid-sized organizations.

The following selection of our past and current projects demonstrate the breadth and depth of our experience.

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until April 2016: compliance-net performs IT audits on national and international levels, also in regards to SOX.

until April 2016: compliance-net analyses data for a global company and all continents.

March 2016: compliance-net assists a small business with the organization and management of its IT projects.

March 2016: compliance-net assists a bank with the implementation of the BaFin circular regarding MaSI.

February 2016: compliance-net prepares a service provider from the energy sector prior to an ISAE 3402 audit.

March 2016: compliance-net assists a medium-sized business with the organization and management of its IT projects.

February 2016: compliance-net assists a service provider with the audit of its internal control system.


Recurring: compliance-net performs IT Audits and Journal Entry Testing (JET) in the context of audits of financial statements.

May 2015: compliance-net performs the internal audit according to ISO 9001 for a software manufacturing company.

September 2015: compliance-net optimize the "Three Line of Defense model" for an international financial services group.

September 2015: Project support in the redesign of user access rights to enforce Segregation of Duties (SoD) with the objective to reduce access risks.

July 2015: Auditing a new product of an international telecommuniacation company regarding the adherence of the new German GoBD requirements.

June 2015: compliance-net assists a German business and retail bank regarding IT audit and IT compliance.

June 2015: compliance-net assists a service provider in the telecommunications industry with the preparation for an audit according to GOBD (generally accepted principles of computerized accounting systems) of their complex billing applications.

June 2015: compliance-net assists a public authority with a Security Audit based on Social Engineering to increase employees' awareness.

May 2015: compliance-net provides support with the implementation of a compliance management system (IDW PS 980 / ISO 19600) in the manufacturing industry.

Mai 2015: compliance-net conducts pre-audit consulting in the energy industry (ISO/IEC 27019, ISO/IEC 27002 und ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 19011, ISO 31000, UP-KRITIS, BSI Grundschutz, COSO).

April 2015: compliance-net performs an audit regarding IDW PS 951 for an IT service provider.

March 2015: compliance-net assists global player in the food industry with the implementation of a new release and the optimization of the system of internal controls.

March 2015: compliance-net assists a financial services company with the operational management, execution and optimization of the international software requirement process for new software.

March 2015: compliance-net assists a logistic company to analyze the national and international IT risk management system based on ISO 31000, ISO/IEC 27001 and BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act).

February 2015: compliance-net assists service provider in the telecommunications industry with the preparation for an audit following PS 951 (German Auditing Standard adopting ISAE 3402).

January 2015: compliance-net performs an audit at a supplier of a major German bank to confirm compliance with GoBD (rules issued by the German ministry of finance for IT-based accounting systems).

January 2015: compliance-net performs JET Testing for a major asset management company.

November 2014: compliance-net consults and analyzes regarding a site closure and an internal relocation of the IT and accounting department of an industrial company.

November 2014: compliance-net analyzes the national organizational and operational IT structure (according to ISO/IEC 27001, IOS/IEC 27002, BSI basic protection in conjunction with UP-Bund and ISO 31000) in view of siting for an insurance company.

October 2014: compliance-net assists with the internal audit of a bank regarding disaster recovery management, vulnerability, and threat management.

October 2014: Development of an assessment-model for the evaluation of the criticality of data and processes regarding compliance with the privacy data act in the automotive industry.

August 2014: compliance-net assists to design a compliance conform process in accordance to ISO 31000 and COSO of an US mineral oil industry company.

August 2014: compliance-net assists the internal Audit in an international banking environment.

July 2014: compliance-net assists with the audit and rollout of an internal control system being part of a compliance management system at an internationally operating industry company.

June 2014: compliance-net assists a mid-sized software manufacturer with the creation and communication of modern IT-Policies and Procedures.

May 2014: compliance-net assumes role as audit lead in a global IT Internal Audit for a bank.

April 2014: compliance-net assists an audit company regarding the performance of an IDW PS 951 audit of an internationally acting IT service provider.

April 2014: compliance-net assists an insurance company to create and review tender documents for a VoIP system environment to comply with ISO/IEC 27001 and BSI basic protection.

February 2014: compliance-net assists a software manufacturer and service provider with the preparation for an audit based on PS 951 (German auditing standard adopting ISAE 3402).

January 2014: compliance-net assists a supplier of saving banks regarding the conception and implementation of an information classification concept for the entire group.

January 2014: compliance-net assists the systems operations unit of a financial services provider during an external audit and helps with the remediation of audit findings.

September 2013: compliance-net assists with the user access (Re)confirmation in an international telecommunications environment.

November 2012: compliance-net implements Risk Management Systems on-site in chinese companys listed on the german stock exchange.

August 2012: compliance-net assists an international insurance company regarding data loss prevention, compliance, data privacy and data security.

July 2012: compliance-net performs an audit of the data privacy management system at a technical control board.

March 2012: compliance-net assists an IT supplier with the conception of processes which are compliance-, data privacy- and data security-conform for the group's IT organization and contract management following ISO 31000, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002, COBIT, and COSO.