Adopt New Law

We support your company in the implementation of new legal, regulatory and internal requirements in terms of process and organizational structure.


In workshops, we work with your organization to determine what the new requirements mean, how they affect your organization, and what an individual “best practices” approach might look like.

From conception to audit

This means that we accompany you from the conception of the topic, the review, the generation of efficient and effective work packages and programs, the creation or adaptation of necessary work documents or instructions as well as guidelines and strategy papers, up to the support of the specialist sides in discussions with independent auditing authorities (e.g. the banking supervisory authority, the auditors or the internal audit).
Well-known topics in this context are, for example, PSD 2, MASI, MaRisk, BAIT, VAIT, ZAIT, DSGVO, BDSG, ISMS requirements.

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