Support services for auditing companies

One focus of the services of compliance-net GmbH is the support of auditors and auditing companies. Our many years of experience in this area as well as a large number of successfully completed examinations and consulting projects enable us to support you and your clients efficiently.

Our subject-specific topics include:

IDW PS 330

IT audits, e.g. for annual financial statements or internal audits

IDW PS 951

Examination of the ICS of services

ICS examination

e.g. of the accounting-relevant processes

IDW PS 880 u.a.

software audit

IDW PS 850 u.a.

Implementation of project-accompanying examinations

JET and data analyses

In addition, we are active in consulting projects on related topics. Examples are the implementation or internal audit of information security management systems (ISMS) according to ISO 27001, or data protection management systems (implementation, training, audits).

We are familiar with the special requirements in the financial services sector, so that we are able to carry out audits in accordance with BAIT, KAIT, VAIT, MaRisk and the Audit Report Ordinance. Of course, we will also write the relevant report section for you.


During the implementation of the projects, we are happy to take on supporting roles under the direction of the project or audit manager of our customer. Alternatively, we can also take on the project management and quality assurance. We clarify the distribution of roles and responsibilities with the customer in advance and then see ourselves as part of the team.

In the context of the projects we – depending on the situation – like to use the infrastructure of our customers for e-mail, data exchange and documentation / working papers. Of course, we also have our own secure infrastructure for these purposes.

During audits, the auditor receives the working papers from us and a summary note on the results with information on how to plan the audit. In addition, by agreement and in the agreed format, a management letter and a report section as a draft for inclusion in the audit report.

If our customers need support in the run-up to orders, for example with the preparation of offers or planning of orders, we are happy to contribute.


We are familiar with the special professional requirements in auditing. In the run-up to audits, we check the independence of our company and the team deployed and, if requested, make appropriate declarations. We also adhere to the obligation to maintain confidentiality and issue corresponding, legally required declarations.

Last but not least, our company has financial loss liability insurance that covers the amount of legal liability for statutory audits by the auditors.


Our team consists of permanent employees who mainly come from the areas of auditing, auditing and governance / compliance. We only use qualified personnel who have the experience necessary for the task.

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